Why Gold Vogue

Leafing is an intricate art form

and only an experienced craftsman can do it with the required finesse. Starting from application of the adhesive to the final task of burnishing work involves a series of steps that need to be executed with perfection.

Use of best quality raw materials.

We make sure that the best of the material is used and complete procedure is followed in every step.

Customizable material and designs.

We use 18/22/24 karat gold leaf or imitation leaf as per client requirement.We specialize in creating special effects in the leaf work. We are experts in various kinds of textures and finishes as per your specifications.

Team of professional and highly experienced workmen.

We have a team of experienced artisans and craftsmen.

Timely Delivery of High Quality Projects.

We deliver world class projects in timely fashion.

Our Services

Gold Leafing

Silver Leafing

Copper Leafing

Artificial/Imitation Leafing

Champagne Leafing

Antique Leafing