Gold Leafing

in various sectors
by Gold Vogue

Gold Leafing in Architectural & Interior design

As specialists of luxe décor, we incorporate gold and other precious metals in our interior and outdoor leafing projects. These leaves can be of precious metals like gold, silver, copper or similar looking metals according to the client’s requirement. Gold Leafing has various applications for indoor leafing and outdoor gilding. We cater to all kinds of residential projects including pillar leafing, Mirrors, Frames and Screens.
Gold Vogue also specializes in sculpture and ceiling leafing work in a quality and timely fashion.

Gold Leafing in

Gold Vogue converts your house into an elegant conversation starter. Gold leaf décor is a brilliant uplift to modern spaces which highlight the furniture in the design. The gilding process is done with a goofproof materials which come in varying karat and tones which appeal to variety of interior designers.
We specialize in gilding of furniture pieces like statement chairs, tables and ornamentation on any wooden portion of your lovely house into lustrous abode with minimal or no maintenance hassle.

Gold Leafing in
Hotels & Restaurants

Gold leafing is like jewellery for interiors of your hotel; it speaks volumes about the personality and substance. Give a royal and opulent feel to your Hotels and Restaurant.
At Gold Vogue, we are committed to make your customers’ experience luxurious and unforgettable by being a part of hospitality by Gold, Silver, Copper and Gun Metal leafing on practically any surface at your establishment. We can also use them in different techniques to create alternative effects.
We translate your imagination through innovative techniques we have developed and our years of accumulated expertize.

Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwara and other structures

Gold leafing is one of the widely used decorative styles to design religious places. At Gold vogue, we our services range from cladding on religious monuments, ornamentation of architectural structure, and gilding on domes. While Gold leafing brings alive your style in the designing of your abode, it brings tranquillity and sense of oneness to your place of worship.
We are connoisseurs in 22k and 24k gold leafing on the kalashes, statues and sculptures of the places of reverence. At Gold Vogue, we also undertake restoration services.